Tuesday, December 4, 2012


All diagnosed with abdominal cancer in 1991:
None of them ever worked together, even though both
Landon and Bixby starred in three TV series each.

Something very strange happened in the otherwise uneventful year of 1991. We're not entirely sure what it all points to, but we're just reporting the facts from our research and letting the world figure out the rest.

Actor Michael Landon was diagnosed with stomach/prostate cancer at the very same time fellow actor Bill Bixby was diagnosed with the same thing.

In fact, coincidentally, both Bixby and Landon were at the same hospital, on April 5, 1991. Landon died less than three months later, on 7/1/91. Bixby held on until 11/21/93.

Musician/actor Frank Zappa, who was also diagnosed with stomach/prostate cancer in 1991, died on 12/4/93, less than two weeks after Bixby.

(BTW, we're publishing this item on 12/4/12, in observance of the 19th anniversary of that last date.)

Meanwhile, as absurd as it may sound, could such happenings be a political plot of some kind?

True, Zappa and Bixby were known liberal Democrats, but before the "conservative conspiracy" folks jump on this, bear in mind that Landon was not. In fact, he was such a dedicated Republican supporter that Ronald Reagan himself attended his funeral.

But let's also look at some other famous influential people who died between 1991 and 1993, to see how the whole liberal-versus-conservative thing shakes out.

Of course we'll limit it to those with a similar age and occupation and cancer diagnosis (and yes, AIDS is also a form of cancer) as the three stars we've already mentioned.

Bert Convy
Ken Curtis
Brad Davis
Freddie Mercury
Lee Remick

Chuck Conners
Jack Kelly
Cleavon Little
Anthony Perkins
Robert Reed

Audrey Hepburn
Janet Margolin
Rudolph Nureyev
Ray Sharkey
Conway Twitty

As can be seen by the above, again the liberals far outnumber those with conservative leanings.

However, it must be noted that it can probably be said that Hollywood and the music scene in general - the "artsy" crowd - would tend to exhibit more liberal tendencies than conservative.

Be that as it may, in the early 1990s they were sure dropping like flies, especially thanks to suddenly being seized by cancer, although most of them weren't very old, few of them smoked, and many were even all out "health nuts" as well.

The above is certainly something to wonder about, and we hope that someone will be inspired to research this phenomena much closer and more completely.

It's just that we didn't like the way it all went down.