Saturday, February 19, 2011


They say that life is but a joke...

Based on an article this week at WENN News:

Well, you've already heard of the Son Of Sam - now how about the Daughter Of Sam?

That's right, folks - apparently genius comedian Sam Kinison fathered a lovechild, according to DNA tests obtained by his old best friend, fellow comic Carl La Bove, who has been paying child support for the girl for years.

Kinison, who was joined by rockers including Steven Tyler and Billy Idol in his 1988 novelty cover of The Troggs' Wild Thing, died in a car crash in 1992. But getting back to the daughter thing, this story gets even more unusual - who's the mommy?

Actually, La Bove is claiming that Kinison slept with his (La Bove's) wife more than 20 years ago, and fathered the child with her! La Bove has been paying maintenance for nearly 13 years after splitting from the girl's mother, but he has now filed legal papers claiming the child is Kinison's.

And La Bove isn't wrong, because DNA tests, which never lie, taken from the funnyman's brother Bill, allegedly show a 99.8 per cent likelihood that the late TV star indeed is the father of the unnamed offspring, who is now 21.

The test results also therefore rule out any possibility La Bove is the father.

Bill Kinison says, "She looks like she'd be Sam's daughter. Sam and Carl lived a lifestyle that was pretty promiscuous... I'd want to get that off me too."

Hmmm... wonder if our girl "Sammy" has been hitting any comedy clubs lately? Why not? She's legal enough, now!

(The above item is based on material provided by WENN News at,
originally posted on 2/19/11, and titled "Kinison Fathered Lovechild, Pal Says.".)