Sunday, May 15, 2011


MODERATION IN ALL FILMS: If it's action-oriented,
like the sci-fi masterpiece above, then go with the Blu-ray version.
But if not, then don't even bother, because you'll be trashing your cash.
(Not that you should turn down any 5 buck sales, of course.)

By Ed Gauthier
A Blu-ray A Day
Keeps Boredom At Bay

Wow, those modern day high-definition Blu-ray movie disks are really fantastic, aren't they?

But hang on, though - don't start playing frisbee with your your "old" regular DVDs just yet, folks. Because not EVERYTHING under the cinematic sun needs to be replaced by them there new-fangled thingies.

What follows is a huge MONEY-saving tip I always like to give to newer collectors just getting into buying Blu-rays.

The trick is to stick with banning certain genres - types of films that you do NOT need to waste your hard earned dough on replacing:

Slapstick comedy, romantic comedy, straight romance, drama, classics and documentaries.

Got DVD versions of them already? Great! Then keep 'em! Since you'll get virtually NO extra advantage by replacing such talky-talk and gabby-gab flicks with Blu-ray clones of same.

But as for action-driven movie genres, like sci-fi, adventure, animation, sports and music (including high-def sound)?

Then go Blu-ray!

There - I just saved you THOUSANDS of bucks in future wasted money.

You're welcome, pal!